Hostage negotiator?

Nope, product manager.

Same same.

An internal consultant,

Who can’t explain what he does want.

Refuses to write tickets,

then complains all is crickets.

“No one is working!

My requests you are shirking!

Everything is broken!”

With Product have you spoken?


Angry, abrasive, and unclear.

no solutions…

Team Happy Hour!

C’mon, let’s go! Time for authorized fun and authenticity from 4:00 to 5:00 pm!

Sure, that sounds ok. I’ll be there in a — -

Now! It’s starting! Get to know your co-workers! Be yourself! …

Got the job!

I killed the PM interview. Strategic vision, innovation, driven by passion.

Hit the ground running. Come in hot. New ideas! Change it up! See my brilliance!

Slow down.

If you come in hot, you’ll burn bridges you haven’t even built yet.

Come in warm. With warmth.


I came out of a meeting


It went so well! I think.

So many good ideas.

People were really listening to me.

I am brilliant.


That feeling of elation is my brain

enamored of the sound of my own voice.

Silence taps me gently on the shoulder.

I turn, sheepish in my misguided self-adoration.

“Bring me with you next time,” she whispers kindly.

“I can help you see the truth in that room.”

My mouth opens, choking on the protest as it exits.

Silences places a delicate finger on my lips and gently shakes her head.

“Take me with you.

Only then will you see the truth.

And they will begin to feel your brilliance.”

Maybe one day I will listen.

Emily Silverman

Product manager, people and idea connector, tactical empathizer. Corporate poet.

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